Fashion. Science. Inspiration. Redken is driven by passion, spirit and the magical energy of New York.

Redken (or "Redken 5 h Avenue NYC") is an American its brand that is part of L'oreal Professional. The company was founded by hairdresser/chemist Jheri Redding and actress/model Paula Kent, hence the name "Red-ken".

Redken sets the tone and brings renewal now and for later. Redken brings simple solutions for your specific needs. What your hair needs: strength, color protection, softness or hydration.

Redken Haircare has the solution

Redken combines science, the experience of the Redken stylists and the passion for fashion to form the identity of Redken. The Haircare line has for specific needs simple solutions with oa All Soft, Blond Glam, Body Full, Clear Moisture, Color, Color Extend Sun, Extreme and Extend Fresh Curls and Redken For Men.

Redken pioneered in the scientific approach to beauty products, and brought a revolution in the Professional salon business by "protein reconditioning". Different on protein-based Redken products are patented.


For styling, choose the desired end result: Straight, Curl, Texture, Volume, Heat Styling, Shine, hair sprays and the Style Connection.

This gives you the power of the change in hands.