Each person is unique in appearance and physical properties, with differences in age, skin and hair type. The work of L'Oreal is based on respect for those differences to personal diversity and capacity to match with the diversity the products.

L'oreal is a reputable brand and offers a wide range of hair care, styling, colouring and transformation products. 

L'oreal hair care

Hair care by L'oreal, known under the name L'oreal Serie Expert, consists of several lines, such as: Vitamino Color Absolut Repair, Shine Curl, Volume Expand, Intense repair and Liss Ultime. For every hair type is there a specific series of care products developed.

L'oreal styling

The L'oreal styling products fall under the Techni. art and Texture Expert line. Very well known in the Techni. art line are the Play. ball, A-Head, Fix, Volume, Liss and the Curl Memory. 

L'oreal texture expert

The Texture Expert series is the exclusive styling line by Loreal. Loreal Aminexil is specially designed for hair loss, baldness and novice promotes hair growth.

L'oreal homme

For men the L'oreal Homme is there exclusively for the man. This series of L'oreal offers a variety of styling products, including Strong Fix Gel and Homme Wax and care products such as the Purete, Homme control and Tonique. There is also a coloring developed specially for the man: Homme Cover 5 '. Grey hair gets its natural color back. 

L'oreal hair coloring

The other hair coloring products by Loreal Majirel, include the Majiblond, Richesse, Color supreme and the Composite. This staining, mix with the special hydrogen peroxide by L ' Oréal. Your hair dyeing or bleaching is highly recommended with this staining. The Douce Tonic and Douce Vital are the products of L ' Oréal transformation. This alkaline permanently gives your hair bouncy curls with a long shelf life.