Sebastian hair products in its range of very high quality and are widely used in hair salons all over the world. Sebastian Professional is founded in the 1970s by Geri Cusenza star Barber from Beverly Hills and her husband. Sebastian Professional is known for the invention by "crimping iron" and subsequent innovations such as the first semi-permanent-amoniakvrij hair coloring and the first public uitborstel hairspray. Over the last 40 years of existence has received a number of awards on their name Sebastian for the products: Potion 9, Whipped cream, Shampoo, Febri Trilliant, Microweb Fiber and Volupt Spray. The hair products by Sebastian are always innovative again, making the latest techniques are applied in the cleaning products for the hair. 

Sebastian Professionals

Sebastian Professionals has a wide range of hair care products available in different lines. So have the lines about a Sebastian shampoo and conditioner for a ultimate care and cleaning of the hair, there are essential to obtain treatment products protect the hair and keep alive at the same time and on the right there to model the hair styling products with a perfect hold and shine. 

Sebastian Professional consists of several lines:

Sebastian Light

Sebastian Hydre

Sebastian Color Ignite

Sebastian Penetraitt

Sebastian Trilliance

Professional Sebastian makes her products for the individual and not for the masses.